In the Age of Social Media, we all know how important the power of reach is. INXPO is a webcasting company that prides themselves in just that, their “Power to Reach.” Through the use of their next generation webcasting product, INXPO successfully helps businesses communicate better with their customers, employees, partners and prospects.

Back in August, the Director of Marketing at INXPO placed an order in our store for our Jumbo Pilsner Beer Trophy engraved “TOP GUN SALES PROSPECTING AWARD.” Our beer awards are bestsellers for events in the nightclub and bar industry and for fantasy trophies, but I was interested to know more about how INXPO was using a Far Out Award as an initiative in the sales industry. I contacted Adam who had ordered the award and he was happy to tell me more:

The Top Gun Email Challenge was an internal competition among INXPO’s sales team. Anyone inside sales who wanted to participate in the e-mail prospecting challenge was welcome to participate. The goal of the competition was “To give sales an opportunity to showcase their email communication skills to prospect new accounts and set meetings. The top performing emails [would] be used for ongoing prospecting email campaigns and [would] be included in a library of templates…” Email/Click through rate and direct responses were used to determine the participant with the highest response rate and thus winner of the challenge and the Far Out Top Gun Trophy. Adam picked this award for the event because he “wanted something that was fun and exciting.”

The lucky winner was (drum-roll please….) JEFF HEISLER! Jeff is an Account Executive and INXPO who likes beer and clearly, sales.

We think this event is genius. A lot of sales oriented businesses encourage silent competition that fosters a cut-throat environment and ends up turning employees against one another, INXPO is clearly different. The Top Gun Prospecting Email Challenge is a perfect example of how friendly internal competition can help all of the employees in a company grow, while simultaneously benefiting the clients who use their services. We love INXPO’s next generation approach to business, and are honored that they used Far Out Awards to be a part of such a great initiative; if they think this creatively to foster growth inside the office, imagine what they can do for you!

Heisler takes a "sip" of his Far Out Awards, tasting his sweet success.

Heisler takes a “sip” of his Far Out Award, tasting his sweet success.

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