Our very first blog post ever was about the Volcanic Peppers & Grimaldi’s Fiery Pizza Challenge, a mouth (and eye) watering event held at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo. We were super stoked to have our Far Out Pizza Champion Trophy Cup (personalized with a couple spicy red peppers, naturally) be the coveted prize at this hot new event. Needless to say, the event was a hit, and in 2014 a brand new Spicy Pizza Far Out Award made its way to NYC for the second Fiery Pizza Challenge.

The contestants were given 10 minutes to devour their very own fiery pies. The first contestant to finish, or whoever had finished the most at the end of the 10 minute time period, would be crowned the winner. Last year’s winner, John Krasnow, finished his pie in under 8 minutes! Krasnow was back this year for round two and needless to say… the heat was on.

Ready. Set. GO! Contestants rip open the brown packaging to reveal the fiery challenge that lies ahead. Without time for thought, spicy slices are shoveled into their daring mouths.


Things escalate pretty quickly. The spicy hot pizza singes the taste buds of the bold competitors, leaving them panting as the reigning champ (that’s Krasnow to the far right) shakes his head and laughs it off.


But nobody else is laughing here. In fact, I think they might be crying?



There’s an awesome sweat-wipe wave that goes down the line.


And after 10 grueling minutes, time is called and the damage is analyzed.


And the winner is…


Jeff Tamaru! Congrats Jeff, you win the 2014 Fiery Pizza Challenge and you’ve got the Far Out Award and pit-stains to show for it.


The words of the champ: “that is the best hot sauce on the market, I f*$&#ing love you guys!”


Then in a touching candid moment, the old champ and the new champ share what I imagine to be one very spicy hug.


You can see the whole thing go down right here.

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