August 14, 2014

The Tour D’oughnut

The Tour D’oughnut is exactly what it sounds like, a bold and beautiful cross between an eating contest and an athletic competition. Participants of Le Tour D’oughnut set out to complete a 5k run, bicycle event, and razor scooter derby all while eating multiple doughnuts to improve their time.

Now I know that when I eat more than one doughnut, I’m probably spending the day on the couch watching Law and Order SVU marathons. That being said, I have some great respect for those that participate in and complete this brilliant event.

We were honored with the task of making custom doughnut trophies for the winners of the Tour D’oughnut. Lisa Murphy of Fusion io a division of SanDisk sent us back an awesome photo of the Tour D’oughnut champs with their Far Out Awards and a mouthwatering shot of the trophies lined up and ready to be claimed:

The trophies were a huge hit, [they] were the perfect reward for the winners.

Tour D'oughnut Trophies

Tour D’oughnut Trophies Awaiting their Champions


  • Bike Champion- David Atkisson
  • 5k Champion- Matt Severini
  • Scooter Champion- Jeremy Fillingim
  • Supreme Winner- Jeff England

Thanks Lisa for sharing your positive feedback and event experience with us, and shout out to Kevin Vigor for organizing the Tour D’oughnut! We love creative events like these that boost company morale and can’t wait to see what the future of this particularly Far Out event holds.

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