At Far Out Awards, we work with all sorts of materials: metals, resins, plastics, foams, glass, ceramic, you get the idea. But when Caroline called on us to make a very special custom trophy for her family reunion we were confronted with a material completely new to us, a plush pickle.

Meet Super Pickle: a vintage stuffed toy that is both salty and sweet (I mean, just look at that smile).

Far Out Awards Pickle Trophy

Our task was to use Super Pickle to make a Far Out trophy for a pickle eating contest at Caroline’s family reunion. Given the vintage nature of our plush pal, we had to be extra careful when building this award.

Caroline explained the significance behind the pickle eating contest to us:

The pickle eating contest started at our family reunions because my Grandpa’s nickname was Pickles and most of us grandkids referred to him as “Grandpa Pickles.”  When we were younger (back in the 80’s) someone bought him a “Super Pickle” that he hung above the area of the couch he always sat in. It was just something we all associated with him, for his 90th birthday party I actually had the “Super Pickle” design put on the top of his cake. My grandpa passed away in 1999 and these stories continue to be told about my grandpa to the new generation of grandkids.

At this year’s family reunion I presented the new trophy made by Far Out Awards. My family loved the new award and had to tell the story again about the pickle to get everyone else informed as we were.

Knowing Caroline’s story and how much this pickle means to her family made the whole process of making this award that much more fun. We love a great story, especially one that brings the whole family together and involves an eating contest- those are our favorite.

Caroline was nice enough to send us some pictures from her reunion so we could see Super Pickle’s big debut:

Super Pickle trophy posing with the pickles before the contest

Super Pickle trophy posing with the pickles before the contest

Isn’t he just the cutest?

The pickle eating contest in action

The pickle eating contest in action

And the winner of the pickle eating contest is….

Brandon, the winner of the pickle eating contest, with the Super Pickle Trophy

Brandon Branch, the winner of the pickle eating contest, with the Super Pickle Trophy

Brandon Branch! Brandon is Caroline’s son and the reigning pickle-eating champion. With Brandon in the competition, it looks like the rest of the grandchildren are going to need some practice between reunions; I’m sure that Super Pickle will serve as inspiration.

Along with these awesome pictures of Super Pickle on his big day, Caroline sent us some touching feedback we’d like to share:

I would like to especially thank Angie for her commitment to our trophy, she literally took everything about this trophy very personally and treated it like she was making it for her own family. It was the best customer service I have experienced in a long time.

– Caroline Branch

Thank you Caroline for sharing your experience with us and trusting us to make this very special trophy for you! Angie loved working with you so much, she even considered dressing up as a giant pickle and crashing the family reunion! Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but you really were an absolute pleasure to work with.

In the market for a pickle trophy of your own? Check out the pickle trophy on Far Out Awards, or contact us to build a custom award like the Super Pickle just for you.

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