Most Monday mornings follow the same routine; your alarm goes off, you hit snooze, alarm goes off again, you groan and roll out of bed, have a cup of coffee, sit on the porcelain throne for a bit, shower, spend some time attempting to look professional and presentable, maybe you shave, maybe you even put on a suit and tie. You go to work and act like a mature responsible adult for the next 8 hours, feigning a smile as you greet the familiar faces you wish were a little less familiar. You watch the time on the corner of your computer screen slowly crawl forward and consider taking a quick nap at your desk, you get up and get another cup of coffee. You fight the urge to send passive aggressive responses to idiotic e-mails, you worry about bills and 401k’s and maybe even kids. Then you realize, it’s Monday!

It’s Monday! A few weeks ago you would never dare place an exclamation mark after the dreaded M-word, but a few weeks ago it was not football season. The minute you realize you have Monday Night Football to look forward to, you get that extra pep in your step that you so desperately needed to get you through the day. You tackle through those meetings and e-mails until, touchdown, it’s 5:00.

You see, that’s the beauty of football. Football has the ability to bring out the child in us. When football is on, we don’t sleep-walk through Mondays, we lively skip through them! When football is on, all our real-world worries go away. We don’t try to hide or tone-down our excitement or disappointment, we jump, kick, scream and let it all out! Sure football causes stresses of it’s own, but for whatever masochistic reason, a Giants fan will take the pain of being a Giants fan over not having football to watch any day. I think it’s safe to say that football is the greatest thing to happen to American sports; you may want to debate me on that, but don’t even consider doing it on a Monday.

If football is the greatest thing to happen to American sports, then fantasy football is a close second. Last year, 26 million Americans played fantasy football! Fantasy football allows us to become even more involved in the game than we already are emotionally. With fantasy sports, we have a chance to create our own dynasties- even a Jacksonville Jaguars fan has the chance to be a winner!

Being in the awards business and all, I must say that fantasy football is my personal favorite. In life there are many rules. Even in fantasy football there are rules: there’s roster locktimes, lineup locktimes, undroppable players lists, etc. But in the world of Fantasy Football Awards, there are no rules. Well, at least not here at Far Out Awards. We understand that your fantasy leagues are exactly that- a fantasy. With us, you don’t have to dress up and act like an adult. In fact, we prefer if you don’t. That’s why we love the Golden Wiener Sock Award.

The Golden Wiener Sock

The Golden Wiener Sock

A couple years ago we made the Golden Wiener Sock award as a custom award for a fantasy football league, I asked one of the members to explain it’s meaning and they did it so eloquently, that I won’t change a word:

The Golden Wiener Sock is more of a state of mind or way of life rather than an actual object. But to break it down, the Golden Wiener Sock derives from the term “wiener sock,” which can be defined as a tube of cloth, otherwise known as a sock, to cover one’s (male) genitals – usually in a social setting.
When my comrades and I would prep for an evening out in college, a fellow may say to another, “this is going to be a rousing gathering, be sure to wear you finest wiener sock!” The response may be “Consider it done; your mother knitted me one just the other day.”
But now we all have real jobs, wives, etc. so our dreams are dead and wiener socks are a thing of the past. Except for the The Golden Wiener Sock, which is very real in the present day and can be obtained every year by winning our fantasy football league.

I mean, if the Wiener Sock Award doesn’t exemplify the beauty and creative expression in fantasy football, I don’t know what does. The wiener sock is a tangible example of the child (or young college kid) that lives within us all. It’s easy to lose that youth underneath the stack of TPS reports, bills, and qualms of every day life, but you don’t have to! The solution? Get yourself a wiener sock! A metaphorical wiener sock, of course. Reward and bring our your inner child with a physical testament to your youth, a Far Out Award!

If you are looking for a custom fantasy award of your own, start by filling out the form on the bottom of the custom awards page or call us directly at 305-974-4198. If you have your dream fantasy trophy already built in your mind, we will bring it to life. If you’re not quite the artistic visionary but know you want something epic, we will help you design your award from the ground up so it reflects you, your league, and everything that’s important to you (be that beer, bacon, wings, wiener socks, whatever). Remember that at Far Out Awards, there are no rules. If you’ve already purchased a custom award from us and want to share you story on the Far Out Blog, contact

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