There are a couple of things we actually like about Mondays:

  1. Monday Night Football
  2. Monday Night Fantasy Football

That about sums it up.

Let’s face it, Monday is the least popular day of the week for a reason. There is actually a scientific study out there that confirms Mondays suck. Thankfully the study does also list the top 5 ways to make Mondays suck less and number 1 is by watching TV.  When Monday’s suck less you are happier, when you are happier you are healthier, and when you are healthier you live longer. So it’s basically a scientifically proven fact that watching Monday Night Football can add years to your life. You’re welcome.

It’s pretty well-known that at Far Out Awards, our favorite part about Monday Night Football (and all football for that matter) is fantasy football. We love how fantasy football allows you to really become a part of the game and most of all, we love making your fantasy football trophies. Making the awesome custom fantasy football awards our customers come up with is what makes our Mondays suck less, so thank you.

Today we would like to feature a custom fantasy football trophy that takes a spin on a Far Out Awards classic, the popcorn trophy. Getcha Popcorn Ready, because this one is a show stopper.

The Getcha Popcorn Ready Award

The Getcha Popcorn Ready Award

I asked the creator of this Far Out Fantasy Football Trophy to give me some background on where they came up with the idea for this award:

The name of the league is Getcha Popcorn Ready because there are always fierce rivalry’s and intense match-ups throughout the season so you better sit back and get your bucket of popcorn ready because its gonna be one heck of a show throughout the season!! We are a group of longtime friends from Virginia and we take the league very seriously!!! This was the 6th year and there will be many more to come!!!

We finished the popcorn in gold and added a football trim to give the award ultimate that fantasy football touch. They chose to make the award perpetual so the league winner each year gets their name immortalized on a name plate of their Far Out Award.

We love this custom Far Out Award, so much so that we’re shutting down now to go home and watch our Monday Night Football with a nice bucket of popcorn. Happy Monday!


If you are looking for a custom fantasy award of your own, start by filling out the form on the bottom of the custom awards page or call us directly at 305-974-4198. If you have your dream fantasy trophy already built in your mind, we will bring it to life. If you’re not quite the artistic visionary but know you want something epic, we will help you design your award from the ground up so it reflects you, your league, and everything that’s important to you (be that beer, bacon, wings, horticulture, whatever). If you’ve already purchased a custom award from us and want to share you story on the Far Out Blog, contact

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