It’s #FlashbackFriday here at Far Out Awards; it’s summer and we are hungry. That being said, today we are flashing back to an event that perfectly feeds our craving for hot summer fair food, the 2014 Alameda County Fair.


Almost one full year ago, the Alameda County Fair and KCBS Foodie, Liam Mayclem, hosted their first annual Snackdown. The Snackdown is not your ordinary food competition, the dishes served up at this event are fair-food on steroids. Snackdown dishes included:

  1. Cardinali’s Ice Cream – Spaghetti Ice Cream and World’s Hottest Ice Cream
  2. Gastro Pub – Crisp Bacon Bowl Slider
  3. Get Pickled – Pickle Dog and Drunken Pickle Poppers
  4. The Monster Dog – Deep Fried Grilled Cheese and Deep Fried Peanut Butter Cup
  5. Pepe’s Mariscos – California Burrito
  6. Pizza by the Slice – Red, White & Blue Pizza
  7. Planet Popcorn / Planet Crepes – Red, White & Blue Crepe
  8. Sharky’s Fish Fry – Lobster Fries
  9. Stuffie’s Char Burger – Macaroni & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Burger

source: CBS San Francisco 

After some pretty tough competition, the judges picked a winner… the Spaghetti Ice Cream from Cardinali’s Ice Cream. Spaghetti ice cream? Who would have thunk it!? This masterful creation won Cardinali’s the grand prize championship belt which is our Far Out Awards Championship Belt customized with the Alameda County Fair and Snackdown logos.


For the record, the vanilla gelato with strawberry puree only looked like spaghetti marinara, it did not taste like spaghetti as I myself initially imagined. Below you can see the custom spaghetti ice cream extruder (is that a word?) in action.


For the other awards, we worked with Snackdown organizers to create a custom Far Out Award that looked just like their logo- a giant turkey leg crossed with a big ol’ corn dog. We loved the award so much, we decided to add it to our website and name it after them.

I present you with (drum-roll please….) the County Fair Award!

County_Fair_Award__43369.1417725139.1280.1280Awesome, right!?

Here’s another awesome pic of the winners with their custom awards.


Needless to say, the first annual Snackdown was a huge hit. The 2015 Alameda County Fair starts next week, June 17th, and runs through July 5th. The Snackdown event takes place on Friday, June 19th. If you’re in the San Francisco/Bay Area or anywhere close enough, you should definitely check it out. Unfortunately here in Miami the most we can do is stare at these pictures and drool.

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