7-Eleven is without a doubt one of the most well-known and loved franchises around the world. Every year 7-Eleven’s Florida Zone holds the Zonie Awards for their franchisees to reward their success in different aspects of business. Far Out Awards has been lucky enough to make those awards.

This year’s categories for the Zonie Awards were:

  • Top Whole Pizza Sales
  • Top Grill Sales
  • Top Fresh Food Sales
  • Top Alcohol Sales
  • Top Fresh Bakery Sales
  • Top Cold Beverage Sales
  • Top Hot Beverage Sales
  • Top Non-Alcohol Sales
  • Top Private Brands Take Rate
  • Total Merchandise Sales (% increase)
  • Community Involvement Champion
  • Top Recognition Program Champion
  • Total Gross Profit % Improvement
  • Highest Average Transaction % Increase
  • Top Guest Count % Growth
  • Top Controllable Earnings % Growth

For the food and beverage awards, we used some of our famous food and drink awards, and created some custom especially for 7-Eleven.

Top Whole Pizza Sales took home the Pepperoni Pizza Trophy


Top Grill Sales took home our classic Hot Dog Trophy


For Top Fresh Food Sales we created a custom award to replicate 7-Eleven’s NEW Chicken Sandwich


For Top Alcohol Sales we created another custom award featuring a Bud Lite can (their best seller) overflowing with beer



Top Fresh Bakery Sales took home our Glazed Donut Trophy


For Top Cold Beverage Sales we made a custom Slurpee trophy



For Top Hot Beverage Sales we made a custom coffee trophy in 7-Eleven’s coffee cup


For Top Non-Alcohol Sales we made a custom water bottle award in the 7-Select water bottle


For Top Private Brands Take Rate we made a custom award incorporating the 7-Select ice cream. For those of you who don’t know, 7-Select is 7-Eleven exclusive brand and the products, like this banana cream pie ice cream, are delicious!



For the rest of the awards we made custom acrylic pieces. You can see a slideshow with the concepts below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Florida Zone Administrator from 7-Eleven was nice enough to share some pictures from the award presentation with us.


As you can tell from these smiling faces, the event (and awards) were a huge hit! We just love companies that reward the people behind their brand success. Events like the Zonie Awards really make franchisees and employees feel valued and foster continued growth and success.

If you are looking for some custom awards for your company or personal event, contact us and let us help you spread the love and appreciation with Far Out Awards!


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