For our last #TrophyBackThursday we brought you the Independence Day Egg Roll Competition; an Asian-themed 4th of July event that put mundane backyard barbecues all over the country to shame. Just when we thought our customers couldn’t get any more Far Out, Kathryn wrote in to tell us about her Taco-centric 4th of July party. […]

The 4th of July makes most of us think of the same few things: grilling burgers and hot dogs, drinking beer, hanging out in the sun all day and watching fireworks all night. While those things are all fantastic American traditions, sometimes you just gotta switch it up. This last 4th of July one of […]

Not too long ago Georgi placed an order for a Far Out Awards T-Bone Steak Trophy. The free personal engraving Georgi requested on the name plate read: Johnny Shieh STEAKFEST Inventor and Steak Master Extraordinaire 2016 The Steak Trophy is definitely one of our favorite Far Out Awards so naturally we were curious about this […]