July 7, 2016

Steakfest 2016

Not too long ago Georgi placed an order for a Far Out Awards T-Bone Steak Trophy.


The free personal engraving Georgi requested on the name plate read:

Johnny Shieh

STEAKFEST Inventor and

Steak Master Extraordinaire


The Steak Trophy is definitely one of our favorite Far Out Awards so naturally we were curious about this “Steakfest.”

Georgi was nice enough to fill us in on the awesome event and even send some pictures:

Johnny Shieh and a dear friend started Steakfest I believe around 15 years ago.The idea is to enjoy the beef and hang out with good friends!  After all we are in Texas :). He makes a huge steak for everyone and we all pitch in with some minimal sides and pull out some fine wine.  Steve with the egg on top actually finished his every year.  It’s a fabulous tradition hosted by Johnny and Sharon Shieh- the hosts with the mosts!  Steak pictures below 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We must admit, those steak pictures do look pretty unbelievable. How do we get an invite to this party next year?

Here is Steakfest Master Shieh himself pictured with his Far Out Award

steak trophy 4

And they even got a bobble-head made! We love this picture of the bobble head with the Far Out Award, we also love all the clean plates and empty wine glasses in the background (that’s how you know a good time was had).

steak trophy 5

We love this story because it’s an example of how Far Out Awards also make great gifts. Not every trophy we make goes off to a big festival or eating competition, some of our favorite award stories come from small intimate gatherings like these.

Kudos to Johnny Shieh for creating such a genius event and keeping a great tradition going among family and friends. He seems like the kind of guy we would like to sit down and have dinner with (especially if he’s cooking)! Thanks again to Georgi for sharing this great unique story with us, now excuse us while we all go home early for a big steak dinner.

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