The 4th of July makes most of us think of the same few things: grilling burgers and hot dogs, drinking beer, hanging out in the sun all day and watching fireworks all night. While those things are all fantastic American traditions, sometimes you just gotta switch it up.

This last 4th of July one of our Far Out customers decided to do exactly that, switch it up. How you ask? With an egg roll competition. That’s right, egg rolls! Winner would get to take home our signature egg roll trophy.

egg roll trophy.jpg

Linda (who ordered this Far Out Award) was nice enough to give us some background on the event:

Well, my husband is Chinese, we have 5 children and their families, and we all get together once a year at our home on July 4th.

This year we decided to have an Asian themed July 4th with an egg roll competition.

Friends and family competed for the trophy, sight unseen.  We had 11 different egg rolls, form southwest to apple pie!  It was so much fun!

A friend of the family who is a professional chef, offered to be our judge for the competition.  He was thinking he would have about 3 egg rolls to taste, imagine his surprise when the egg rolls just kept on coming!

Our eldest son and his family ended up winning and, the trophy sits proudly on the mantle at their home!

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you also for a fun and very well made trophy, it was perfect!

We just love this story! Far Out Awards is family owned and operated so family means a lot to us. Nothing makes us happier than hearing our awards got to be part of fun family gatherings, especially ones that only happen once a year.

Also, we would give almost anything to be the judge in this competition. I mean, just look at those egg rolls…

egg roll 2

Winner winner egg-roll dinner.

egg roll 1

egg roll 3

Thank you Linda for sharing your story with us and letting us be a part of such a great family tradition. We feel honored that the one time a year you get together with your whole family, we got to be a fun part of it!


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