For our last #TrophyBackThursday we brought you the Independence Day Egg Roll Competition; an Asian-themed 4th of July event that put mundane backyard barbecues all over the country to shame. Just when we thought our customers couldn’t get any more Far Out, Kathryn wrote in to tell us about her Taco-centric 4th of July party. […]

Total Quality Logistics, better known as TQL is a freight brokerage firm that connects “companies needing products hauled with carriers delivering goods.” TQL recently hosted their first-ever hot dog eating contest and found themselves searching for their first-ever hot dog trophy. Being a Total Quality company, TQL needed a Total Quality award. So naturally, they […]

It’s #FlashbackFriday here at Far Out Awards; it’s summer and we are hungry. That being said, today we are flashing back to an event that perfectly feeds our craving for hot summer fair food, the 2014 Alameda County Fair. Almost one full year ago, the Alameda County Fair and KCBS Foodie, Liam Mayclem, hosted their […]

Happy New Year, Far Out fans! If you’re like us, your newsfeed and all other relevant social media posts are currently flooded with the usual New Year’s Resolution’s: eating healthier, hitting the gym, shedding pounds, yada yada. Quite frankly (and we don’t think we’re alone on this one) your gym selfies and salad Instagrams really […]

If you’re reading this post from somewhere the seasons change and leaves turn red, you’re probably asking yourself “what the heck is a croqueta?” Don’t worry, I’ll get there…

At Far Out Awards, we work with all sorts of materials: metals, resins, plastics, foams, glass, ceramic, you get the idea. But when Caroline called on us to make a very special custom trophy for her family reunion we were confronted with a material completely new to us, a plush pickle. Meet Super Pickle: a […]

The contestants were given 10 minutes to devour their very own fiery pies. The first contestant to finish, or whoever had finished the most at the end of the 10 minute time period, would be crowned the winner…